Father’s Day

We had a wonderful Father’s Day this year.  We were able to go to Brian’s Mom and Dad’s house and had a huge cookout.  And when I say huge I mean HUGE!  There are six kids in Brian’s family.  All are married and have children of their own, and everyone was able to attend except for one, I think!  It was so much fun getting to visit with everyone.  The kids all got to play and get rides on the four wheeler.  It was a wonderful time of food and fellowship!!

002 Brian and Layne

007 Linley and her cousin Allie.  Linley LOVES her so much!!

008 My niece Madilyn.

013 The whole gang!!


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Sports And More Camp

079 We (Highland Drive Baptist Church) had our second Sports and More Camp this year at Mt. Zion Baptist Camp.  This year the speaker was Steve Winger.  He is the “Juggler for Jesus”.  If you have not ever seen him, you need to look him up!!  He is amazing.  He uses juggling to tell bible stories and present the gospel, and the kids never forget it!!  All the kids got to sign up for different things they were interested in from basketball, football, and swimming to juggling, yard games, and cookie decorating.  This was Layne’s second year to go and John-Isaac’s first year.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous about John-Isaac going, but our church is so wonderful and had someone assigned to him at all times!  He had a blast and I never had to worry about where he was!  Brian helped with some of the games and I helped out with the cookie decorating class.  I think we had as much fun as the kids did!


069 Steve Winger aka Juggler for Jesus.  Singing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”.

077 John-Isaac with Mrs. April.  Can I tell you HOW much we LOVE OUR MRS. APRIL!!!

099 Layne learning how to spin a plate.

114 Steve Winger with our friend Ella on his shoulders.

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Teacher’s Gifts

035 This year for teacher’s gifts I wanted to do something that they could keep, especially since John-Isaac had had all of his teachers for 2 years and they have all kind of become like part of our family.  I decided that flower pots would be somewhat easy and fun to do.  I think they turned out well and they were a lot of fun to do.



054 The finished product.

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Our Little Graduate

What is that little song Dora sings at the end of every episode?  “We did it.  We did it.”  That is what I feel like singing when I think about John-Isaac graduating from Kindergarten!  And I definitely say, “We” because it was a joint effort!  He did such a great job and we are so proud of him!!  He finished Kindergarten knowing 98% of all the things he needed to know to go to first grade, and we give God all the glory for it!!  He is such a smart and bright little boy and we are so proud to call him our son:)  He could not wait to get to go across the stage and get his diploma!  He was one happy boy!!




021 John-Isaac and his friend Ethan.  Every one always got them mixed up!

023 John-Isaac and his teacher Mrs. Oxford

022 John-Isaac and his aide Mrs. Meeks.  She is our Mary Poppins!!:)

Later that night we had a little party to celebrate John-Isaac’s big day.  We had cookie cake and he got a few presents.


030 John-Isaac loves those cards that play music.  This one played “Pomp and Circumstance”.  He LOVED it!


Please pray for John-Isaac as we make the transition to first grade in August!  A new school, new routine, and new rules can be a little overwhelming to him.  Please pray that he will be able to have the same aide.  It will help him in his transition if he has someone with him that already knows him so well.

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Some Of My Favorite Pictures That Didn’t Fit In The Slide Show

065 Linley played with this ball all day!!




120 O’Neal played ice hockey all through high school and is still a huge fan, so his groom’s cake was a replica of the Stanley Cup.


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O’Neal And Sara’s Wedding

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Who would have ever thought that when a 15 year old boy met a 14 year old girl at church, that seven years later we would be celebrating their love and commitment to each other with a beautiful wedding! But that is just what we did! O'Neal and Sara were high school sweethearts, and Sara had already become part of our family even before they said, "I do".
The ceremony was so sweet and personal. Pastor Rex Holt, who was our pastor when we were little, and Rob Strickland, who was O'Neal and Sara's youth pastor all through high school, officiated. All of the kids did very well, although I didn't think Linley was going to walk down the aisle when she saw all of those people! But then, she caught a glimpse of her daddy and off she went with Ava-John, Vivian and Grace at her side!
After the service, there was a wonderful reception at the Fowler Center with lots of dancing and celebrating.


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Getting Ready For The Big Day

035 We had such a good time at O’Neal and Sara’s wedding rehearsal.  We were able to visit with our good friends the Strickland’s and Pastor Rex Holt, who all came in from out of town to help with the ceremony.  The kids all did a great job, and I am so happy that even Linley walked down the aisle all by herself!!  Of course, we decided to bribe her!  Brian knelt down at the front with her blanky and a cup of milk!  It worked like a charm!!  After the rehearsal we had a wonderful Mexican fiesta at The Station.  I still can’t believe my baby brother is old enough to get married!!   

025 Layne getting placed where he is going to stand.

029 Layne and Grace.



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