277 Layne LOVES anything to do with “The Wizard of Oz”, so I knew that he would love “Wicked”.  I also thought it would be a good opportunity for Brian and I to do something with just him.  Bless his heart, he is so good and such a big help to me.  But with the demands of having an autistic child and a pretty dependent baby, sometimes I think Layne doesn’t get as much time with us as he needs. 

He was so excited when we told him that Mommy and Daddy were taking him to do something special.  And he knew something was up when he had to put on “church clothes”.  We ask him after we got in the car where he thought we were going, and he said,”Umm….To go see Wicked?”  He is too smart for his own good:) 

It was a wonderful show (if you have never seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it!).  Layne was on the edge of his seat the whole time.  The talent was amazing and the costumes were….well…..just, WOW is all I can say!  After the show as we walked down the sidewalk to where our car was parked, there was a small group of people standing around a door.  I realized quickly that the cast was coming out of the theater.  Layne was able to get pictures and autographs with most of the cast.  He was on cloud nine!! The funny thing was that he had gotten the big program with all of the pictures.  I asked him if he wanted them to sign it, and he looked at me and said, “No way is anyone writing on this.  They will have to write on my little one.” 


281 Us with “Fiyero”

282 Layne getting “Boq’s” autograph

284 “Madame Morrible”

289 Layne getting Tom McGowan’s autograph “The Wizard”.

290 Us with Tom McGowan “The Wizard”.

291 Layne with “Glinda”


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