WWJID – What Would John-Isaac Do? 2009 Autism Walk

003  We really wanted  John-Isaac to have his own team this year for the Autism Walk.  Our wonderful children’s pastor came up with the name – WWJID (What Would John-Isaac Do?)  Which is a perfect name for his team because you never know what John-Isaac is going to do!!  We were hoping for 50 people and ended up with 100 shirts sold and 60 people walked on our team!!  I am truly humbled by how many people care so much for my precious John-Isaac!!  It rained that day so we didn’t get to have the walk outside.  We really didn’t even get to walk, but it was still a wonderful time.  We had a great silent auction, a wonderful band, and inflatables everywhere for the kids!  We all had a blast!  I want to send out a very special shout out to SERVEPRO and SENSATIONAL KIDS for their sponsorship of the shirts.  We could not have done it without you all!!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our wonderful little boy!!  We love you all:)





013 Layne and John-Isaac getting to hit each other without getting in trouble!!

The Autism Walk was the day after John-Isaac’s real birthday and so Brian’s mom made him a cake and we all went to Pizza Inn that night to celebrate.






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