Incredible Pizza

390 We had some friends tell us about a place in Memphis called Incredible Pizza.  We didn’t know a lot about it except that it was “like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids”!  That turned out to be a very accurate description!!  The first thing you do is pick which dinning room you want to eat in.  you can pick from “The Family Room”, which is set up to be like a living room with a fireplace and TV that runs old black and white sitcoms, “The Diner” has black and white checker floor with red booths, a “gymnasium”, and the “Cinema Room” that was showing a movie.  After you eat, it is off to the game room.  And wow, what a game room it is!!  Indoor go karts, put put golf, mini bowling, bumper cars, even a build a bear type area, and then all of the little games too!  The kids had so much fun, and we were all very good and tired when we got home:) 






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