GIC-Global Impact Celebration

035 For the past few weeks our church has been getting ready for the Global Impact Celebration.  This is a weekend where missionaries from all over come for a weekend of fun and fellowship and in return we get to learn about what they are doing.  This year the theme was Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost World.   So, to help get everyone in the spirit of the occasion they had this wonderful life sized cardboard stand up of Indy and you never knew from Sunday to Sunday where he would be!  Kind of a life sized Where’s Waldo if you will.  Layne could not wait every Sunday to find him.  Last Sunday Bro. Johnny announced that on Saturday night of the GIC they were going to give Indy away and someone was taking him home!  Layne’s eyes about popped out!  That night when he said his prayers he prayed for God to let him win Indiana Jones.  He proceeded to pray for this every single night.  Brian and I tried to prepare him that there would be a lot of people there and the chances were small of him actually winning, but he didn’t care!  He just kept right on praying!!  Well, last night came.  We played a lot of great games and they had given out a lot of great door prizes.  Then the announcement came that it was time to give away the grand prize.  The hand went in and a name was called.  We waited and no one moved.  Some one announced that the person was not there.  The hand went in again and we hear…..drum roll please……….LAYNE BEAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!  Not my name, not Brian’s name, but Layne’s name!  All I could think was “Oh, yea of little faith!”  What a neat lesson in if it matters to us then it matters to God no matter how small it is!!  Child like faith!  We should all have it!!!  Now Indy stands 6 feet tall in Layne’s bedroom.  Already this morning I have taken things in his room to put away and jumped back because of the new addition!  He will take some getting used to:)



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