Jim Bob and Krystal’s Wedding

jbs-wedding-015 My brother Jim Bob and Krystal were married last Saturday, February 21.  We traveled to Helena for the big day.  The ceremony was beautiful and was followed by a wonderful reception.  We enjoyed getting to visit with family and friends who we do not get to see as often as we would like.  But the highlight of the kid’s night was all the dancing!!  John-Isaac had been talking about “The wedding dance” for about a week and as soon as the music started he was pulling Miss Ashley out on the dance floor!  He never looked back!  Layne was a dance machine himself, even getting to dance with the bridesmaids!  What a little mac daddy!!  Even Linley got to have her very first dance with her Daddy!!  Everyone had a wonderful time.  We changed the kids into their pj’s for the ride home, but before we could get them loaded in the car the boys  were back out on the dance floor!  Yes, in their pj’s:)  At least they still have O’Neal and Sara’s wedding to look forward to in May!!

jbs-wedding-025 My brother with my Mom and Dad.  (and Vivian).


jbs-wedding-112 Jim Bob and Linley

jbs-wedding-073 John-Isaac with Miss Ashley

jbs-wedding-101 Layne gettin jiggy with the bridesmaids

jbs-wedding-080 Linley’s first dance


jbs-wedding-157 One last dance with Sara:)


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