Ice Storm

026  While it looked like an ice castle out of some fairy tale the ice storm that moved through here a little over a week ago left behind a lot of devastation.  The freezing rain started on Monday about 4 pm and did not let up until sometime Wednesday with at least an inch of ice coating everything.  We lost our power Tuesday night around 9 pm.  You could hear limbs snapping everywhere and the pitch black night sky was lit with the eerie green and blue light of transformers and sub stations blowing up all night long.  We moved the boys mattresses into the den and we all slept in there since that was the one room that did not have a tree hanging over it.  The next morning with no heat or lights we moved in with my mom.  She did not have lights but did have gas logs for heat.  I realized during this time how much we take for granted and just how spoiled my family is.  I have never given much thought to electricity or just how many things in my everyday life that it impacts!!  Mom got her lights back on Friday and we got ours back on Monday morning.  I am hoping that it is a very long time before something like this comes through again!! 

012 part of a limb that fell in our yard.


024  A tree down the street from us.  It had been standing straight the day before!!

027  Layne and Linley playing at Dede’s house.

028  John-Isaac snuggled up to Pop and went to sleep.

032  Linley didn’t like Dede’s bathtub very much:)


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