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My Favorite Pics







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Jim Bob and Krystal’s Wedding

jbs-wedding-015 My brother Jim Bob and Krystal were married last Saturday, February 21.  We traveled to Helena for the big day.  The ceremony was beautiful and was followed by a wonderful reception.  We enjoyed getting to visit with family and friends who we do not get to see as often as we would like.  But the highlight of the kid’s night was all the dancing!!  John-Isaac had been talking about “The wedding dance” for about a week and as soon as the music started he was pulling Miss Ashley out on the dance floor!  He never looked back!  Layne was a dance machine himself, even getting to dance with the bridesmaids!  What a little mac daddy!!  Even Linley got to have her very first dance with her Daddy!!  Everyone had a wonderful time.  We changed the kids into their pj’s for the ride home, but before we could get them loaded in the car the boys  were back out on the dance floor!  Yes, in their pj’s:)  At least they still have O’Neal and Sara’s wedding to look forward to in May!!

jbs-wedding-025 My brother with my Mom and Dad.  (and Vivian).


jbs-wedding-112 Jim Bob and Linley

jbs-wedding-073 John-Isaac with Miss Ashley

jbs-wedding-101 Layne gettin jiggy with the bridesmaids

jbs-wedding-080 Linley’s first dance


jbs-wedding-157 One last dance with Sara:)

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A Night out

083 When the power is out and your kids are busting with all that pent up energy what do you do??  You head to Chuck E Cheese!!!  It was obvious when we got there at 7:00 that we were not the only ones with this wonderful idea!  There was a line out the front door waiting to get into the place!  We decided to wait about an hour and see if it had cleared out any.  When we got back about 8:15 it had calmed down some so we stayed.  The boys enjoyed getting to run around and do whatever they wanted for a while.  Linley liked watching all the bright lights and all the activity.  We put her on the little 3 horse carousel but she did not like it at all!  We closed the place down and went home very tired and ready for bed!!





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Ice Storm

026  While it looked like an ice castle out of some fairy tale the ice storm that moved through here a little over a week ago left behind a lot of devastation.  The freezing rain started on Monday about 4 pm and did not let up until sometime Wednesday with at least an inch of ice coating everything.  We lost our power Tuesday night around 9 pm.  You could hear limbs snapping everywhere and the pitch black night sky was lit with the eerie green and blue light of transformers and sub stations blowing up all night long.  We moved the boys mattresses into the den and we all slept in there since that was the one room that did not have a tree hanging over it.  The next morning with no heat or lights we moved in with my mom.  She did not have lights but did have gas logs for heat.  I realized during this time how much we take for granted and just how spoiled my family is.  I have never given much thought to electricity or just how many things in my everyday life that it impacts!!  Mom got her lights back on Friday and we got ours back on Monday morning.  I am hoping that it is a very long time before something like this comes through again!! 

012 part of a limb that fell in our yard.


024  A tree down the street from us.  It had been standing straight the day before!!

027  Layne and Linley playing at Dede’s house.

028  John-Isaac snuggled up to Pop and went to sleep.

032  Linley didn’t like Dede’s bathtub very much:)

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