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Linley Is 1!!!


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I cannot believe Linley is 1!! This year has gone by so fast for us.  As of this important milestone she has 4 teeth (barely), she can crawl as fast as most people can walk, she is not walking on her own yet but I do not think it is far away, and she is starting to want more and more table food.  When she was born we found out that the bible verse that corolated with her birthdate was James 1:17, Every good and perfect gift comes from above.  We decided to use this as a theme for her first birthday.  She truely is a gift from God!  She loved her party, especially when it came time to destroy her cake!!  She started by pulling all the little balls off of it and then tore it all apart.  She got a few bites of it in her mouth as well.  She played in it till she fell asleep!


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Christmas At Grandma’s

099  We celebrated Christmas with Brian’s family on January 3rd.   The kids couldn’t wait to get to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to see all of their cousins and get to play with them.  There are 8 of the grand kids that are all in the same age range and they all have so much fun together!  We had a wonderful time getting to visit and catch up with everyone.  All the guys took the kids on an “adventure” through the woods.  They loved that.  And of course there was a lot of food and fellowship.





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New Year’s Eve

012 For New Year’s Eve we took the kids to a Mississippi River Kings hockey game this year.  It was Linley’s first hockey game and she loved it!  I honestly can’t believe it was her first game!  When the boys were her age they had been to so many we couldn’t count them all!  Mom, O’Neal and Sara all went too.  It was a very exciting game.  The River Kings scored 3 goals within like 1 minute which none of us had ever seen before, and we got to see at least one pretty decent fight!!  Got to love some hockey!!!  At the end of the game they had an indoor fireworks show.  The boys thought that was the coolest thing. 





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