Happy Birthday Layne

It was eight years ago (on Dec. 19) that my life was changed forever!!!  At 8:30 on a cold December night a 7lb 8oz little boy named Layne entered my life and gave me the title of Mommy.  He was and is the best Christmas present I have ever received and nothing will ever top that gift!!  It doesn’t seem like it could possibly have been 8 years ago!………….We had a big day!  It was his last day of school for the year and we started it off with his Christmas program.  Then they had their party afterward.  They got to pack special boxes for foster children instead of trading presents with one another.  What a wonderful lesson of giving to learn!  They were dismissed early and we all went to lunch to celebrate.  Later that night we went to Dixie Cafe for dessert so that Layne could sit on one of those “spinny stools” and eat cake and ice cream!  What more could you ask for!!:)

068-1 Christmas program

072 packing their boxes


076  My eight year old little boy!  It just doesn’t seem possible!  What a joy you are:)


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