Eleven Months Old

011  Wow!  It just doesn’t seem possible that our little miss priss could be 11 months old!  She is getting so sassy!  She can crawl faster than I can walk now and she is pulling up on everything including her brothers!  She is in to everything!  You cannot turn your back on her for a minute!  Her new favorite thing is pointing to everything and saying, “a sat?”  Or in English What’s that?  She is most definitely going to be a talker like her mama!;)  She loves to dance.  Every time she hears a beat her head starts bobbing!  We still only have 2 teeth but the top 2 are starting to push through!  Maybe we will have 4 teeth by our first birthday.  She is just an absolute joy!  Here are some pictures that show off her personality a little!


005 Clapping to the music

013 playing with Layne




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