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I’m A Big Girl Now

0051  Linley graduated today into a forward facing, big girl car seat!  She loves it!!  Every time I turned around she was smiling or dancing to the music!!:)


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John-Isaac lost his first tooth!!!

003 John-Isaac has had a loose tooth for a few weeks now and I have been watching it very closely since I had no idea how he would react to it!  Well, yesterday we were sitting in the Wal Mart parking lot while Brian ran in to return something and I ask him if I could check his tooth.  When I went to touch it, it just fell out in my hand!  He really had no reaction at the time, but all day today he will go in the bathroom and look at it in the mirror!  Of course the tooth fairy came and he was very excited about getting some money!

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Santa came to town!

092  Santa did make it to our house and I am happy to report that no lumps of coal were found this year:)  Layne was up very early jumping on our bed like a very hyper chihuahua puppy!  We got John-Isaac and Linley up and opened all the presents that were left under the tree!  This was a very special Christmas for us since it was Linley’s first Christmas!  She took it all in!  She got several things but her favorite seemed to be her new baby doll.  Layne’s favorite was his Indiana Jones Lego’s and John-Isaac’s favorite was his new Snoopy (go figure!)…..We then loaded up in the car and went to Dede’s house for Christmas there with everyone.  All the kids had so much fun together.  Later that afternoon we had a wonderful Christmas dinner!

0931 Just waking up!





111 Layne, Linley, Vivian, Ava-John and John-Isaac

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Christmas Eve 2008

077  We love Christmas Eve at our house!  Every year we make Reindeer food to sprinkle on our lawn so Rudolf and all of his buddies will know where to land.  The boys take turns scooping the oats into the mixing bowl and then sprinkle glitter in it so the reindeer can see it sparkling from the sky.  This year I think we had enough glitter that NORAD could probably see it on their tracker!!!  Later that night we went to our church for the annual Christmas Eve service.  Can I tell you how much I look forward to this service every year???  All the children wear their Christmas pajamas.  They all look so sweet.  We sing wonderful carols and hymns and at the end we sing Silent Night and light candles.  It is simply beautiful. 


086 our finished product!  Like I said before, way too much glitter!!

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Happy Birthday Layne

It was eight years ago (on Dec. 19) that my life was changed forever!!!  At 8:30 on a cold December night a 7lb 8oz little boy named Layne entered my life and gave me the title of Mommy.  He was and is the best Christmas present I have ever received and nothing will ever top that gift!!  It doesn’t seem like it could possibly have been 8 years ago!………….We had a big day!  It was his last day of school for the year and we started it off with his Christmas program.  Then they had their party afterward.  They got to pack special boxes for foster children instead of trading presents with one another.  What a wonderful lesson of giving to learn!  They were dismissed early and we all went to lunch to celebrate.  Later that night we went to Dixie Cafe for dessert so that Layne could sit on one of those “spinny stools” and eat cake and ice cream!  What more could you ask for!!:)

068-1 Christmas program

072 packing their boxes


076  My eight year old little boy!  It just doesn’t seem possible!  What a joy you are:)

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Eleven Months Old

011  Wow!  It just doesn’t seem possible that our little miss priss could be 11 months old!  She is getting so sassy!  She can crawl faster than I can walk now and she is pulling up on everything including her brothers!  She is in to everything!  You cannot turn your back on her for a minute!  Her new favorite thing is pointing to everything and saying, “a sat?”  Or in English What’s that?  She is most definitely going to be a talker like her mama!;)  She loves to dance.  Every time she hears a beat her head starts bobbing!  We still only have 2 teeth but the top 2 are starting to push through!  Maybe we will have 4 teeth by our first birthday.  She is just an absolute joy!  Here are some pictures that show off her personality a little!


005 Clapping to the music

013 playing with Layne



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Out Takes

Well, it is that time of year again when we all try to get that perfect picture of our kids to send in a Christmas card.  It has always been hard trying to get the boys to cooperate so I knew this year 3 kids would be next to impossible!!  I had a few ideas early on but none of them worked out.  It was too cold and I needed a different kind of camera.  So, back to the drawing board I went.  Finally, we did get some good ones!  Brian was happy since for a week he had been calling me the photo Nazi!  Here are a few of the pics that did NOT make the short list but are pretty funny none the less!





Merry Christmas!!!!

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