A Blast From the Past with NKOTB

dl030536 For anyone who knew me, oh say about 17 years ago knows that my life at that time revolved around New Kids On The Block.  You could not see the wallpaper in my bedroom for all the posters.  My poor mother carted us all over within a tri-state area to wherever the nearest concert was.  It was crazy.  Well, at the beginning of this year there was the announcement that NKOTB were going to reunite with a new album and tour.  The first time I heard this was on the news about 4 o’clock in the morning while I was feeding a one week old baby.  Honestly, I thought I had probably dreamed it, but come to find out I hadn’t.    There were four of us in jr. high and high school that were hard core, crazed fans, so we all decided it would be fun to all go to this reunion together!!  We got tickets back in May and on Nov. 10th we traveled to St. Louis for the big event.  Before the concert started we got to go back stage and briefly meet all five guys.  They were all very nice.  The concert was great.  It brought back a lot of memories and oh, for about 2 hours we got to feel like we were 15 again!  The concert let out around midnight and we decided to walk across the street to the hotel and change clothes and go get something to eat.  We drove around for a while and could not find anything open.  We decided to drive by the arena and see if their buses had left yet.  About that time one of their buses pulled out of the garage.  What were we to do but follow it!  We followed it for about 20 minutes thinking they were probably just driving straight through to Kansas City, when all of a sudden they exited off the interstate and pulled into a Waffle House!  We casually went in and sat down.  Sure enough Donnie, and Danny came in with an assistant and body guard.  They were very nice and we got autographs and pictures!  It was such a fun trip for all of us.

006 Waiting for the show to start.



dl030599-1 Breakfast at Waffle House.


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