Harvest Festival

 Today we had our Harvest Festival at church.  Wow, did the kids ever have a great time!  There were games to play, wonderful food to eat (chili dogs, popcorn, cotton candy.  What kid could ask for more?), trains to ride, and an ambulance and firetruck to play in.  The weather was perfect, cool and sunny.  It was just the perfect day.  The boys wanted to wear a costume but the ones they are wearing on Friday are not ready yet, so they each picked one out of the dress up drawer in their playroom.  Layne was a football player and John-Isaac wanted to be Robin.  Linley was just Linley!  As you can see in the picture above she loved to take her shoes and socks off all day!  She only made it in the picture with one on!  Layne’s favorite was the balloon animals, and John-Isaac’s favorite was the train.  I think he rode it at least 20 times!:)  Here are a few pics from our day.

 Linley had fun with Mrs. Meghan.  She has always been one of John-Isaac’s Occupational Therapists.  She is having her first baby in February!!

 John-Isaac and the train.

 Layne with Brother Shay, the most awesome children’s pastor in the world!!


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