The boys have been playing kickball this month.  This is no ordinary organized sport.  This kickball program is set up by Sensational Kids where John-Isaac goes for physical therapy.  It is a program where no matter what your disability you can participate!  You don’t know how sweet it is to see these kids, some of who have never been able to play a sport before because they didn’t fit in a certain way, be able to run and play and just have fun.  They play for 4 weeks and then have a big pizza party at the end complete with trophies!  Siblings are also welcome to play.  This allows the special needs kids to have someone to model their behaviors after.  Layne was on the Blue Champions team and John-Isaac was on the Red Wolves team.

John-Isaac’s favorite part was the dirt!!  He told his coach that “This is the greatest show on dirt!”  He rolled in it, kicked it, rubbed it in his hair, rolled in it some more, (you get the point!)  All week we have called him “Pigpen” because he had a cloud of dust around him the whole time!


 Layne loved playing third base!  he loved to tag John-Isaac out every time he came to that base!  I loved that even though they usually got tagged out they still got to go around all the bases and run home!  And at the end of each game somehow both teams had always tied!!!

 Tonight they had their big pizza party.  This is Layne is Ms. Angela.  She has been one of John-Isaac’s therapists and the boys just love her!  She is so much fun!

 Layne with his trophy and coach.

 John-Isaac with his trophy and coach!


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