8 Months Old

 Linley is 8 months old today.  I think I enjoy her more everyday!  She is truly the best baby in the world!  Every month now seems to bring more and more changes.  Even her looks seem to really be changing lately!  She can sit up so well now that I can leave her and know she is not going to fall over.  She is not crawling yet but can roll anywhere she wants to go in the room.  She can now hold on to my fingers and pull herself up!  No teeth yet, but I think she may be working on one.  She is eating very well.  Her favorite food is banana, I can mix it with anything and she will eat it!  She loves her brothers and they keep her very entertained!  She laughs at them all the time!  Now that I am working 2 days a week again at the preschool, she gets one day with her daddy all to herself and one day with her Dede.  She loves it!  I can’t wait to see what this next month brings with it!

Her favorite toy!!  She already loves shoes!

Playing with Layne.


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