Details on Tomorrow

 We will be leaving Jonesboro around 9:00 in the morning.  We have to be at check in at 12:00 and then John-Isaac’s scan is scheduled for 2:00.  He is going to be under general anesthesia so if everything goes well, we should be out of there around 4:00.  Here is a list of some specific things I would like everyone to pray for.

1.  Please pray that his scan would run on time.  The main reason for this request is that John-Isaac cannot have anything to eat after midnight tonight.  In the morning he can have up to 12 oz (total) of gaterade until 11:00.  After that nothing!  With his autism he will not understand why he cannot have anything to eat!  And the boy likes to eat!!!

2.  Pray for strength for Brian and I.  He had the stomach bug yesterday and I have had it all day today!

3.  Please pray that John-Isaac will not have any ill effects from the anesthesia.  Pray that he would wake up quickly and would not feel sick.

4.  And above all pray that there will no change in the lesion and that his headaches will stop.

Thank you all so much.  I will update this as soon as I can.  I am afraid we will not find out the results tomorrow.  Dr. Adada is usually in surgery all day on Monday’s, but as soon as I know something you all will be the first to know!!


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