Fun Facts Friday on Saturday!

Well, with everyone being sick and so much going on I didn’t get to post yesterday.  I decided since there has been so much bad this week that I would focus on the positive and list things that I am thankful for this week!

1.  I am thankful for Phenergan!!!!!  It helps them not to feel as sick and it knocks them out!  What could be better!

2.  I am thankful that the boys both have wonderful teachers this year!  It really helps ease my mind to know that they are in very good hands when I am away from them.

3.  I am thankful that I have a husband who is always willing to help.

4.  I am thankful for my wonderful friends who I know I can count on for anything and are alway there with a positive word when I am having a tough day!

5.  I am thankful above all for a wonderful God who takes care of us everyday and all though He didn’t promise us that life would be a bed of roses.  He did promise us that He would always be there with us no matter what we were going through!!

This is a shorter list tonight but what else can I say after that last sentence?


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