I knew it would be a tough week….but come on!

The first week of school is always a tough one, but I can honestly say I have never had one like this!!!  We all woke up on time this morning.  I came into the living room and John-Isaac was laying in the floor.  This was my first red flag as John-Isaac is never just laying anywhere!  The only time he is still is when he is asleep!  I got him up just in time to run him to the bathroom as he started getting sick!  We got Layne ready, got him to school and by 9:20 the phone was ringing and he was sick also!  The first week of school and we have already missed a day!  Wow!  So, now they are vegged out in the floor with buckets beside them, sacked out on Phenergan!Praise the Lord for Phenergan!!  John-Isaac was supposed to have his open house for Kindergarten this afternoon and his first day tomorrow, but I have a feeling his first day may not be until Tuesday!

My poor, poor babies!!


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