Fun Facts Friday

1.  Everyone in our family is a night owl!  We love to go to bed late and sleep in the next morning.  With school starting on Monday, I am dreading trying to enforce bed times!

2.  I shop on ebay more than I ever shop in stores!  Anything you are looking for or need is right at your fingertips!  Usually at a pretty good deal!

3.  Brian loves peanut butter on EVERYTHING!  I have even witnessed him eating it on a hamburger and on a bologna sandwich.  YUCK!!!

4.  I am so thankful for portable DVD players.  Any time we take a trip we just turn on a movie, plug in the boys earphones, and we don’t hear a peep the whole way!  Wonderful.

5.  Tyler candles are the best candles in the world.  My favorite is the Warm Sugar Cookie.  It makes your whole house smell so good.  Get one and try it.

6.  Winter is our favorite season.  Weird, I know!  We just love cold weather.

7.  I am so thankful that I have a sister that is so good at knowing what is “in” and what is “out”!  The other day I made her go shopping with me to get the boys back to school clothes!  All the shirts look the same to me!

8.  John-Isaac is 16 months younger that Layne, but he weighs 5 pounds more than Layne and has a bigger foot!

9.  The only green plants in my house are fake!  I have killed every live plant I have ever had!!

10.  We are still watching the TV that I got for my birthday when I was a junior in high school! There are not even any numbers left on the remote!


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