Prayer Request

I have a prayer request for John-Isaac.  We are taking him in to the pediatrician on Tuesday.  He has been telling us that his head hurts for about a week now.  Some of you know already, but for those of you who don’t, he has a vascular lesion (a clump of blood vessels intertwined together) in his right front brain.  We have an MRI run every year to keep it checked.  They told us last year (September) that since there had been no change in 5 years that we could go to having it checked every 2 years unless he started having headaches.  I am praying that his head hurting is just because it is time to get new glasses.  Because of the autism he cannot tell us exactly where it is hurting.  Please pray with us that this is not because of the vascular lesion.  I will post more as soon as we find out something.  Thank you all.


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