Snoopy Goes to the Library!

 We found out from a friend that there is a Snoopy display at the library right now.  And as you know from reading my last post, for John-Isaac this would be like heaven!  Brian was off today so we got ready and off to the library we went.  John-Isaac saw the display immediately and he stood there for at least ten minutes looking at every piece over and over (even as I am typing this he is standing beside me jumping up and down saying “snoopy, library”).  He loved it!! 

After we looked at the Snoopy’s we went into the Children’s library.  It is a really great place.  We haven’t made as much use of this wonderful place as we should have, mostly because I have always been nervous about taking an autistic child who can be very loud into a place where he needs to be still and quiet!  He did really great and loved everything in there!  This place is not just books!  There is a castle for them to play in, a fish tank, fun mirrors, bean bags to relax in, a model train set up around a replica of Jonesboro.  The boys really enjoyed it.  I think we will be making more trips there now!


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