Snoopy Pants!!

John-Isaac is obsessed with Snoopy.  We really don’t know why it happened.  Snoopy has never been a big part of neither Brian’s nor my family, but for some reason after watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for the first time John-Isaac was hooked.  That year for Christmas my mom got him a huge stuffed Snoopy with Woodstock on his head, and needless to say he has slept with it every night since.  His collection has grown by leaps and bounds as people find out about his obsession!  One night I was at Wal Mart and saw Snoopy sleep pants in an adult size small.  My mom cut them off and hemmed them.  He thinks if we are in the house he has to have them on.  Then if we are getting ready to go somewhere he wears them around his neck like a scarf until we leave.  Funny, I know.  Last night they were needing to be washed and he kept asking for them.  I promised him they would be ready for him to wear for bedtime but that I had to wash them.  When I came around the corner this is what I found!  John-Isaac looking in the washing machine for his Snoopy pants!! Bless his heart, he did not leave that washing machine until they were finished!!

John-Isaac with his collection of Snoopy stuff!!  Wearing his Snoopy pants, of course!!


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