Happy Birthday Grandad

After our day in Little Rock we headed south to Monticello for my Grandad’s surprise birthday party.  We had such a good time visiting with everyone.  As kids we couldn’t wait to get down there and play with our cousins and now that we are all grown up and most of us have kids of our own it is so neat to see our kids running and playing and doing the same things we did.  My Grandad is such an amazing person.  He has beaten odds in his life so many times that would seem impossible to beat!  He is a WWII veteran.  The thing I always remember as a little girl was his helmet that sat by the fireplace in their living room.  It had a hole on both sides.  As he was fighting, a bullet went through, skimmed his head, and came out the other side.  WOW!  That is just one story.  There are so many more.  He has truly lived a fascinating life.  We all had a great time.  John-Isaac’s favorite thing was the cake!  I think he had three pieces at least!  Layne loved feeding the fish.  The only bad thing that happened was John-Isaac put his hand down on a red wasp and got stung on his fingertip.  Luckily he is not allergic.  We gave him a little Benadryl and he had a good nap all the way home!

My Grandparents.

Feeding the fish.

John-Isaac out on Benadryl on the way home.  Aren’t Boppy pillows wonderful!!!!!


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