The Hit Of The Party!

For the last day of school the first graders made tie dyed t-shirts to wear.  Layne was so funny about it.  He got so upset about “messing up” his white t-shirt!  He told us that he just wanted to leave his plain!  I told him that is would be a lot of fun to put all the different colors on the shirt and that it would turn out really neat looking.  Brian had a day off so we went up to the school to help.  We were pretty sure we had Layne convinced to participate but we wanted to make sure that he did!  To say the least it was organized chaos, but oh, did those kids have fun!   You could see each child’s personality in those shirts!  Some soaked their shirts till there was no white left and others dotted different areas of their shirts.  They all turned out really cute.  Linley went with us and at the end Layne’s whole class was gathered around her playing peek-a-boo and talking to her.  She ate it up!  I think she was the hit of the party!


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