Snaggle Tooth

Layne lost his fifth tooth this week!  And of couse it happened at the worst possible time!  We were already running late for school.  We had about 5 minutes before we needed to be in the car pulling out of the driveway and the boys were brushing their teeth.  I new Layne’s tooth was loose, I just didn’t think it was that loose!  As he was brushing his teeth the tooth started bleeding.  He started to freak out a little.  I told him it was ok and that we would mess with it after school.  “No!  It has to come out now.  I can’t go to school with it this way?”  By the time we finally got it out all three of my children were crying and I felt like I needed some kind of sedative!  Why couldn’t this have happened when Brian was off, I kept thinking to myself.  I tossed him a wet washcloth and told him to bite down on that on the way to school, and scooted them out the door.  Layne was only 2 minutes late for school (which was a miracle) and I didn’t even get a speeding ticket!  The tooth fairy came that night and everything was just fine! 


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