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A Big Top Celebration

John-Isaac will be 6 years old on May 1st, so this weekend we had his birthday party.  He gets really overwhelmed with things so easily that we always keep his parties kindof low key.  We just had family, and even with that we still had about 30 people in our house! We have a really big family!  John-Isaac loves the circus.  A few months ago we found out that the one-ring version of Barnum and Bailey’s greatest show on earth was coming to Jonesboro on May 1st (his real birthday), so we decided to get tickets and take him.  We also decided to carry the theme through to his party.  He loved it.  He got a lot of great gifts.  His favorites were a nintendo DS and a Hannah Montana game.  Yes, my son is obsessed with Hannah.  It’s crazy!  I want to say a special thank you to my grandmother, aunt Cindy, my cousins Elizabeth and Tonya, and my newest little cousin Emory for coming from Monticello.  We loved you all being here.

John-Isaac’s cake.

Blowing out the candles.

It’s Hannah Montana!


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